When shopping for Hikari LED bulbs, it is a good idea to check on the reviews available online. There are thousands of reviews on Amazon with average rating being 4.5 stars, numerous blog posts on this and many pictures that compare Hikari LEDs with halogen bulbs, HIDs and LEDs by the other brand.

This page lists only the reviews that buyers left at Hikari LED website, and are exclusively available at Keep reading to find out what real people think about these LED bulbs!

City, State: Denver, CO
Vehicle: '16 Toyota Tacoma

I upgraded both the low beams and high beams with the Ultra LED Kits. It couldn't have been easier to install, it took less than 30 minutes to install both. They put out extremely bright white light. I would recommend these to anyone looking to upgrade their headlights.

City, State: Alberta
Vehicle: LX 570

Amazing upgrade from stock bulbs without the problem of blinding other drivers

City, State: Centennial, CO
Vehicle: Tacoma

I replaced both low beams and high beams on my Tacoma and got just the look I was looking for. They were very easy to install and provide superior light and field of view compared to stock headlights. I would recommend these lights for anyone looking to replace stock headlights.

City, State: St. Louis, MO
Vehicle: 2018 F150 & 2020 Fusion

I put these into my 2018 F150 reflector low beams, high beams and fog lights and into my 2020 Fusion projector low beams and reflector high beams. Make sure you order the resistors for these because they will flicker or not work at all on newer vehicles. I originally neglected to order the resistors and after calling their support line, they rushed the resistors right out - problem solved. So all said, I have 5 sets of these in 2 vehicles. The beam pattern on these is near perfect. The color IS perfect. I cannot imagine these actually being 12,000 lumens/bulb because you'd be blinding everyone. They are VERY bright though and I spent a lot of time adjusting the lights in both vehicles. If you are unhappy with your headlights, get these, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. I've tried HID, other LEDs and even those so called awesome, expensive "white" halogen bulbs. These Hikari Ultras blow them all away. All 5 sets of the Ultras are worth every cent I spent and I don't regret my purchases whatsoever. BTW, Hikari's customer support is VERY good!!

City, State: Illinois
Vehicle: 2015 WRX

Wow, nice headlights.

City, State: WA
Vehicle: 2017 WRX

The brighter and longer-lasting LED lights will be a big improvement over the regular ones. These 19 wrx has been designed to give off an amazing glow that I love!

City, State: MO
Vehicle: 2020 Ford Fusion

I have tried HID kits and other LED kits in the finicky projector headlights on my 2020 Fusion. Heard good things and read some good reviews on the Hikari Ultra kit so I decided to give them a try. I removed the Morimoto HID kit I was using and replaced it with these. I was searching for the illusive perfect beam pattern, perfect color, perfect brightness, perfect top cutoff line, etc., and nothing I tried measured up. After putting these in and firing them up, I was in awe. Seriously. Everything was perfect. Unfortunately, the next morning my driver's side was OUT. I was a little upset and requested a refund and to cancel the 2nd set I had ordered. Customer support said all I need are the H11 resistors, so I ordered a set. Voila, both sides work perfectly - no issues, no flickers, nothing. They are perfect. After my 2nd set came in, I put those in my brights (reflector style) and wow, I can see the road a mile out now. My only issue was a small, unlit spot on my driver's side but after reading the instructions and watching a video or two, you can fully install the bulb and then there is about a 120 degree adjustment you can make without the bulb being unscrewed. Apparently that bulb was not a perfectly up and down so I twisted it ever so slightly and poof, no more dark spot. If you're needing awesome headlights and whether you have reflector or projector headlight enclosures, get these. You'll thank me later and save yourself a lot of grief and frustration, not to mention MONEY. Don't forget to order the resistors, too. They are a great $19.99 investment.

City, State: CA
Vehicle: 2018 WRX

this looks pretty cool

City, State: Austin, TX
Vehicle: 2020 WRX Sti

If only the turn signal bulb was brighter! The light isn't as bright when it's on, but I still love everything else about these lamps.

City, State: Bronx, NY
Vehicle: 2019 Subaru WRX

The brighter and longer-lasting LED lights will be a big improvement over the regular ones. These 19 wrx has been designed to give off an amazing glow that I love!

City, State: Phoenix, AZ
Vehicle: '18 Ram 1500 Express

If you are looking for a great quality, well built LED, the HIKARI ULTRAs are the way to go. These LEDs put out an extremely bright and clean white light. Its unique cut out design help produce a great precise beam pattern and its build quality is definitely top notch. It's clear when you open the box, HIKARI uses quality materials and the assembly is excellent. The conversion kit comes with everything you need to upgrade from stock halogens to LEDs. I am so please with my purchase and have them installed for my Low and High beams. These give EXACTLY the look I was going for and provide me with the light output I needed. Worth every penny spent. I highly recommend these to ANYONE in the market looking to upgrade their lights. I will definitely be sticking with this brand when we are ready to upgrade my wife's Jeeps stock lights as well. Excellent Product!

 by Eric N. Freeman on Ultra LED Headlight Conversion Kit
City, State: Harahan, LA
Vehicle: 2016 Ford F-150

installed Hikari Ultra in aftermarket headlights (Spyder halo lights). I live the beam pattern and brightness! I believe leds for low beams should go as an option, as Spyder halogen bulbs are so poor..... thanks for help in adjustment.

City, State: CA
Vehicle: Toyota Tundra

I ordered a set of h13 LEDs off Amazon from you guys on April 11th. They work fine, though I have the resistor installed on both headlights

City, State: Atlanta, GA
Vehicle: Honda Accord

I purchase a LED conversion set of bulbs from Amazon on June 23, 2018. Have been enjoying bright bulbs since then!

 by Kevin Sanford on Ultra LED Headlight Conversion Kit
City, State: OH
Vehicle: GMC Yukon

I'm glad that I bought your bulbs. They are bright!

I got your H4 LED headlight bulbs after the research that I've done I have decided that I would like to purchase your brand's light. 

City, State: Houston
Vehicle: Ram

i got a ram 1500 2017. Installed your Hikari bulbs a week ago. Thanks for great instructions, installation was a breeze!

City, State: San Francisco
Vehicle: Toyota Camry

 I purchased a set of H1 Megatron LEDs from Amazon. Great product, no flickering.

 by First Time User on Headlight Restoration Kit
City, State: Richmond, Virginia
Vehicle: Ford F-150

I purchased this new on eBay. I researched a variety of headlight restoration kits available and decided to give this one a try as my headlights have become dim over the last several years from standard wear and tear (wind, rocks, sand, salt, cold, heat, direct sun uv ray exposure, etc.).

The kit is compact and has a balanced amount of information and graphics to make it easy to understand. The directions and the kit contents may seem a little overwhelming once you initially open the box, but once you read over the step by step directions and start going through the steps you will get a hang of it fairly quickly and before you know it be done with the restoration job. Also, you can slowly start to notice the headlights becoming more clear the more steps you complete (you need to complete all of them though).

Overall, the product did an excellent job and my headlights look very close to the original condition when I purchased the car brand new. Make sure to apply the final UV clear coat in a very smooth, evenly disbursed pattern so that you do not need to go back over prior spots as the chemical tends to dry exponentially faster after it has been applied. If you make a mistake applying the clear coat, quickly and smoothly apply a slight additional amount onto the fabric cloth included for this step and touch up (you can touch up, but do not go over the same spot multiple times or the bottom layer will dry). Everything worked out for me on the first attempt and I was very happy to get my car's light lens back to good as new condition.

 by Charles Willis on Headlight Restoration Kit
City, State: FL
Vehicle: Toyota Camry

A great way to restore yellowish lights! Reasonable cost, nice quality, fast shipping.

 by Josh Stephenson on Headlight Restoration Kit
City, State: Albany, Indiana
Vehicle: 2005 Jeep Liberty Limited

I have 2005 Jeep Liberty Limited and in grill fog lights started getting foggy. I had put off getting new ones due to the cost and the age of the Jeep. I finally had enough when I noticed that not only were they foggy but it look as if the coating was peeling/chipping.

After reading and watching several reviews I decided to get this kit. I have used other products that would last just a couple days to a week or two. This kit takes some time but it actually works. Due to the severity I had to use the activator and 400 grit twice but it was well worth it. I took before and after photos to attach to the review but unfortunately you cannot attach photos.

I feel the photos would help sale this product even more. I would highly recommend using this product and I will definitely use again if needed.

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