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There are so many LED solutions available online. However, if you are looking for a decent alternative to your stock headlight bulbs, consider only known brands that stand behind their products and reputation. Quality lighting is always about your own safety, so make sure you rely on the products that are proven to work. Akarui LED conversion kits have been available in Japan for years, and recently they appeared on the US market. If you are looking for a brighter alternative to your factory headlight bulbs, it is a good idea to consider an Akarui LED conversion kit.

akarui led

Akarui LED bulbs are as long as the factory bulbs. This allows for proper focusing in the headlights. As a result, you are getting brighter bulbs that properly align and do not blind the oncoming traffic. Besides, LED bulbs feature solid construction. Unlike halogen, incandescent or HID bulbs, LEDs do not have tungsten, glass elements, etc. This ensures lasting service regardless of temperature changes, vibration, moisture, etc.

Akarui is a Japanese brand that offers only quality headlight solutions that are guaranteed to work. Check out the official Akarui website for detailed information and technical characteristics of headlight conversion kits.


The Best LED Headlight You can Get


As a leader in the industry, HIKARI has always been committed to providing customers with high quality and reliable LED headlights.

LED Headlight Bulbs: Questions & Answers

Normally, headlights use a Phillips screwdriver pattern. So, to adjust headlights, pop the hood, locate the opening at the backside of the headlight assemblies. Next. use a screwdriver, put it in the hole to engage with the teeth of the gear. Push down to get the lights lined up. Going one way is vertical up alignment, and going the other way is vertical down alignment.
There are many quality LED bulb brands. But here are the ones many reputable car magazines and body shops really consider the best: OPT7, Hikari, Akarui, Philips, Osram (Sylvania), AUXbeam, Cougar, BeamTech, SeaLight. Note, that there are many other brands that offer quality LED bulbs. You may conduct your own research to get a better understanding of the best LED headlight bulbs on the market.
There are many factors, that prove, that LED headlight bulbs are better than the traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs consume less power and are brighter than regular bulbs. Besides, LEDs last way longer since they do not contain any fragile glass elements and tungsten. Plus, LED headlight bulbs are resistant to vibration, temperature changes, and humidity, so they last longer.
If you pick the right bulb size of the LEDs, the installation is just plug-and-play. You just remove the duct cover, uninstall the OE bulb, install the LED bulb and make sure it fits along with the cooling unit. Next, you need to install the duct cover and have your new LED bulbs properly aligned.

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LEDs by Bulb Size

Hikari offers LED conversion kits and interior bulbs in the bulb sizes that will fit the majority of US cars, trucks and SUVs. If you know the bulb size you need, you will easily find your perfect LED upgrade. Just check out our online catalog to see details and technical characteristics of Hikari LED bulbs!

Featured Cars, Trucks & SUVs

Hikari LED bulbs are available for the majority of cars, trucks and SUVs that are popular in the U.S. These bulbs are significantly brighter, than the regular halogen or incandescent bulbs, they last longer and due to their construction easily withstand vibration, moisture, dust and temperature changes. The cooling units and the shape of the bulbs are slin enough to fit the majority of the factory duct covers. You can check the LED bulbs for your vehicle to determine the bulb size and part numbers quickly.

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