Hikari Meaning

The word “Hikari” originates from Japanese (ひかり, ヒカリ, 光) and means “light”. That’s why the manufacturer of Japanese LED bulbs has selected this specific name for their products. That’s the basic meaning of this Japanese word. However, there are certain other meanings of this word that are related to it. Let us consider the most widespread ones.

What does Hikari mean


What is Hikari?

  • A Hikari is a high-speed Japanese train. It is called this way because of its speed. It travels from Tokaido to Sanyo Shinkansen and back. It is also called a ‘bullet train’.
  • The verb Hikaru is derived from the noun Hikari and means ‘to shine’, as this is obviously what the light does.
  • Hikari is also a widespread name. It is a unisex name, and there are many notable composers, writers, and artists called Hikari.
  • Hikaru is a boy’s name. It is quite popular in Japan nowadays and means “radiance”, “light”.
  • There are many Japanese companies called Hikari. They have got different registered trademark signs.

As you see, the main meaning of the word ‘Hikari’ is light. There are many other names related to the core meaning of this word. So no wonder popular LED bulbs are called Hikari.

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