How does Car Electric System Work

Electric system of every vehicle is a conjunction of numerous electric devices, conductors, wires and battery. The main purpose of car electrical system is to allow starting the engine once you turn the ignition key. When you drive your car or truck, the vehicle produces energy which is converted into electricity by means of alternator. This electricity charges the battery, which powers each and every device, from bulbs to audio system.

car electric systems

Not everyone should know each and every technical detail on how electric system works. Yet, it is good to know the basic things to be able to do minor maintenance to your car or truck, or shop for something electric. Here are the basic terms you want to know about the car electric system.

What does car electric system include?

Batterya place where electricity is stored
• battery positive (every electrical device on a car – will have its own wire);
• battery negative (car's body / chassis / engine block – ground).
Alternatoris used to charge the battery and to power the electrical system when its engine is running.
Wire harnesssmall group of three wires, different colours on each side.
Connectorsused between devices, fuses, switches and other connectors; crimp connectors available in various shapes and sizes:
• push-on (square) terminals (male or female);
• rings (different diameters, to fit over bolts);
• forks (to fit under bolts or nuts);
• quick connects are used to connect 2 wires (Scotch-Locks).
Fusesafety device to stop electric flow if a problem occurs.
Fuse holderplastic block to hold fuses and wires.
Switchallows and stops electric flow to a device.
Electrical tapespecial tape which insulates and protects from dirt, moisture and short circuits.

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