When Is It Time to Replace Brake Rotors?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions at dealerships and body shops in the United States. We could start by explaining why it is crucial to watch the condition of the brakes. Yet, as long as you need to know when it is time to replace your brake rotors, here’s the answer. As a rule, brake pads must be replaced every 10.000 – 20.000 miles, while the brake rotors last significantly longer and require replacement every 50.000 – 70.000 miles. Yet, there are certain situations when the brake pads and rotors may need to be replaced sooner.

brake parts being replaced in a body shop

So, we are getting closer to question number 2. Why is it important to watch the condition of your brakes? And what signals clearly say that brake pads and/or rotors must be replaced? Here is what specialists at https://allrotors.com/ say about this.

  1. Intermittent screeching. This signal is vivid, so you will notice it. So, when you notice a high-pitched sound when you start hitting the brake pedal as you slow down, it is an excellent time to think of replacing your brake pads. There is no rush to schedule the appointment in the body shop the same day, as you still have some time.
  2. Vibrating steering wheel. Let’s imagine you drive and one day notice a slight rumble in your steering wheel. It becomes especially noticeable when you start slowing down. Why does this happen? The brake pads are worn, and your rotors get overheated when you hit the brake pedal.
  3. Grinding noises. These sounds usually occur if you have ignored the very first thing on this list: the intermittent screeching. This symptom transforms into grinding with time and indicates that your pads are completely worn out. So, you need to rush to the closest service and replace them as soon as you can to avoid a serious safety issue.

If we could give you one more piece of advice concerning your vehicle’s brake system, we’d recommend ordering your brake parts only at the official manufacturers’ websites or in physical stores that you are sure about. It is also crucial to make sure the brake parts are replaced in a shop that hires qualified specialists who know their business. Only if you have enough skills and knowledge, you may wish to replace the brake parts yourself. Proper maintenance and perfect brake system operation are crucial to every vehicle, as it is not just about the parts; it’s about the safety on the road. We wish you safe driving and watch the parts you install on your vehicle.

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