How to remove headlight moisture?


If you use regular headlights that feature separate headlight bulbs and plastic housing, you can fix the problem. In case your vehicle features sealed beam lights, you will have to replace the whole unit.

How to remove headlight moisture

Worn water seals are the common reason of moisture in the headlights and fog lights. Gaps and weak seal allow the water in. As a result, you get early bulb failure along with poor headlight performance.

Moisture removal instruction

To fix the weak seal and remove moisture from headlights you will need to do the following:

  1. Remove the headlight housing (usually it is easy to do so, see your owner’s manual for reference).
  2. Next, shake the water out and inspect the headlight. You will be looking for worn water seals and/or cracks that caused the leak.
  3. Fill the cracks with clear silicone sealer.
  4. We recommend using black silicone to restore bad water seals.
  5. Use a hair dryer to speed up headlight drying process.


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