Cadillac Lease in New York – 5 Cars to Try

We have access to any car brand and special today. Refined and fast European cars make at least one third of drivers dream of them while the other third gives their hearts to high-tech and affordable Asian vehicles. However, if you are a connoisseur of true American luxury, then Cadillac lease in NY is your line.

Though Cadillac has been in the shadow recently outshined by German sedans and Japanese SUVs, its benefits didn’t fade with the times. We still love its models for their authentic American exterior, opulent interiors and high-class materials, powerful engines, and plenty of up-to-date options. Moreover, we think it is the best car for lease in NY. Driving a lavish Cadillac along the streets of the Big Apple – isn’t it atmospheric?

If these arguments find a strong response in your heart, perhaps you may be longing for a Cadillac to lease. So, let’s see what NYC dealers may offer you today.

Cadillac Specials for a Perfect Lease

cadillac lease

To figure out Cadillac Models for a flawless lease deal, we explored offers from a large New York leasing company to detect the best prices and the most affordable terms. Grand Prix Motors, one of the dealers we checked, sets lucrative terms for these cars:

  • Cadillac CT5: The mid-size luxury car offers a delightful driving experience with a sporty look. Both performance and handling are flawless, and the list of tech-heavy features is longer year by year. In New York, you can lease it for around $799 per month.
  • Cadillac CT6: We are more than sure that CT6, a full-sized luxury item from Cadillac, may take anyone’s breath away! It is a great option for you to show your status. Beautiful outside and opulent inside, it also provides engaging drive and absolute ride comfort along with up-to-date safety options. Also, you need just $899 per month to have it all!
  • Cadillac CTS: Another luxury car that perfectly fits into the concept of American splendor. Grand Prix Motors offers the sedan at the monthly payment of $799, and it is more than affordable, as you get an upscale interior, high-performance twin-turbo V6 powertrain, and a full-scale infotainment suite.
  • Cadillac Escalade: The full-size luxury SUV is an icon of the American automotive industry, and you can have it for around $1,200 per month. Though the payments seem to be too high, they are justified by its imposing exterior, flawless handling, and many up-to-date options like SuperCruise hands-free driving.
  • Cadillac Lyriq: An electric mid-size luxury SUV shows that the brand keeps up with the times. Its appearance is fantastic, the cabin is spacious, and the range up to 502 km is more than satisfactory. A great option to try.

Also, there are many trim levels of the Cadillac models from our list. A good leasing company always has something special for you to offer, so we think a Cadillac lease in New York is a great idea for those who love this city and want to experience true American vibe here.

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